Renovation in Stuttgart

From the conservative 60s kitchen to the highly modern zeyko Horizon

Until recently a small, incon­spicuous kitchen from the 60s stood on the spot where a zeyko Horizon Forum now shines in blossom white in a room atmo­sphere that has been renovated from the ground up. In the centre of the new kitchen there is a spacious island unit, offering a washing-up and cooking area, an expansive worktop and a cosy dining corner. The island unit also houses a dishwasher, extendable extractor tech­nology and various drawers and units. A 3.60 metre long and 1.20 metre broad arti­ficial stone worktop brings the elements together in one unit.

If you had to sum up the new zeyko kitchen belonging to the family in Stuttgart in three words, they would be surface, expanse and brightness. Blossom white high-gloss lacquer and back-lacquered glass for the surfaces and matching white fronts for the built-in appliances. A lot of technology and storage space concealed behind unit doors and drawers without handles from the design range zeyko Horizon.

Speaking of technology – of course, no wish is left unfulfilled in the new zeyko kitchen: an extensive in­duc­tion field, a re­tractable and extendable extractor directly behind the hob, LED strips integrated in the base area, which can be dimmed and are colour variable. Oven and steam oven have been installed at eye-level for optimal acces­sibility. The tableware can be warmed in the integrated warming drawer before dinner and, of course, an ex­tendible coffee machine is obligatory.

Photos: PIK – Parkett im Klebeverbund, Schaal.Trostner Kommunikation
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