genuine zeyko – genuine materials

Naturalness and authenticity are central values of our brand – and have been for decades. These values have now been put into words in our slogan: Genuine zeyko – genuine materials. Because in our Black Forest kitchen production real materials are processed to create our high-quality kitchens, regardless of whether we are working with stone, concrete, wood, or even leaf gold. Even in the 80s, during the development of our first zeyko organic kitchen these were our non-negotiable values: authenticity, sustainability, healthy living.


Exposed concrete as a design element is indispensable in modern architecture. The real concrete surface captivates with its optical and haptic uniqueness, especially in diverse material combinations.
As you can expect from zeyko, this surface is also, of course, real.
The concrete filler applied purely by hand makes each individual surface unique. Combined with the zeyko inline solid wood furnishings, the natural material contrasts enticingly with the warm wood tones.

The concrete surfaces

Stucco super light
Stucco medium
Stucco dark


Wood is by nature a “working” material and with its natural structures our most important component.
zeyko precious veneers are unparalleled and transform your kitchen into a particularly unique creation. Specifically selected for you – the stacked wood even bears your name – and image-processed, you get the highest degree of value.
We offer eleven different types of solid wood in modern interpretation as part of our 3-layer collection – combi treated with oil and lacquer for greatest possible authenticity. Matching bar counters, manufactured identically, are also available.
Wood is also the first choice with regard to health aspects: for example when it comes to low emissions and longevity there is no match for our oiled 3-layer fronts or the kitchens from the “Exquisit” range with a solid wood body made of wood core plywood.

A selection of our fine veneers

American walnut
Red Gum
Legno uni
Legno design
Knotty oak
Knotty oak pearly
We can process any conceivable veneer for you.

Our 3-layer wood

Knotty oak
Ancient oak
Marsh oak
Core ash
Pear tree
Core beech
Cherry tree
American walnut
Arolla pine
Oak tobacco

Our structured wood surfaces

Stuktura metalcoat
Oak pearly brushed
Pine coconut white brushed
Pine vanilla brushed
Pine pimento brushed
Brushed old oak mother of pearl
Spruce coconut white brushed


Glass excels with its consistently perfect surface and at the same time it opens up numerous design possibilities.
In polished or satin finish, glass surfaces are available from zeyko in almost all colours and are lacquered on the rear side for an optimal depth effect. The glass fronts can be fitted with a discreet handle rail, an aluminium frame or with an integrated aluminium rail in the areas of contact.

The glass surfaces



For us, being a traditional company, means that we don’t rest on our laurels from the past but permanently strive to innovate: Metal is one of the most interesting materials for kitchens due to its haptic coolness.
The kitchen Metal-X² captivates with a metal layer applied by hand. Its surface was awarded the Interior Innovation Award “Best of Best” during the world premiere at the Living Kitchen trade fair in Cologne.
Metal taken from nature is milled, liquefied and applied by hand. The resulting structures make each individual element unique.

The Metal-X surfaces


The Metal-X2 surfaces


The Metal-LUX surfaces

White gold
Yellow gold


We can only handle with respect that which nature has already perfected. Impressive stone surfaces are an intentional and provoca­tive contradiction to suspended objects in the zeyko kitchen.
We process real slate in layers. Only 1.4 mm thick and light as a feather, the richly coloured stone retains its completely natural structure.
Coloured slate and metal can be combined perfectly.

The stone surfaces

Slate oceangreen


High-quality processing comes into its own at points that are most evident and which are used on a daily basis over the years: Our lacquered surfaces come to the fore as consistently homogenous surfaces exactly at the point where they are in constant use. The surfaces can be lacquered on request in all colour tones from the RAL and NCS colour systems.
Our style kitchens are also available in a number of colour lacquers and in warm wood tones. An elegant changing stripe effect lacquer applied by hand in two colour tones, or a natural stain can be applied for an unusually lively play of light and structure on the surfaces.
Inspired by the Villas in Veneto and the won­der­­ful French country kitchens, the traditional zeyko collection offers design possibilities through their exquisite master­pieces. The classic design language is lovingly adapted and can be extended using traditional pilasters and arbitrary style elements.

The lacquer surfaces

Lacquer with stripe effect
Smooth lacquer
High-gloss lacquer
Quartz lacquer

The metallic lacquer surfaces

Metallic lacquer silver
Oak ginger metallic
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