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A kitchen can only be regarded as perfect when its functionality has been thought through to the smallest detail and it blends together perfectly well with the design.

zeyko Liftdesk

Typically zeyko: with the electrically operated height adjustment your kitchen adapts to suit you and not vice versa, whether you want to elevate the kitchen table or the whole cooking island. At a low level for breakfast with the kids, lunchtime at worktop height for cooking and in the evening at bar height for aperitifs with friends.
Hidden storage space

zeyko Cargo

The functional cabinet Cargo uses every corner perfectly, fits harmoniously into and extends the look of the front. A drawer system that enables comfortable access even to the devices in the corner of the extended worktop. With easy-glide running it carries the impressive capacity of up to 70 kg.
Functional cabinet zeyko Cargo
Functional cabinet zeyko Cargo

zeyko Up

The cabinet with different levels, a lift door and an extendable tray is ideal for kitchen appliances or the coffee ­machine. Electricity is provided via a socket on the internal rear panel.

Roller shutter cabinet

Enough room for kitchen appliances: a cabinet with lighting and a socket, encased in practical roller shutters. The glass slats can be varnished in any colour on the underlying surface, coordinating perfectly with your kitchen.

zeyko Hubkorpus

The illuminated cabinet element can be electrically lowered into the worktop. When extended the lift corpus is 60 cm high and can be used e.g. as a minibar, spice cabinet or for your cooking utensils.

Simple elegance

Opening systems

A number of our cabinets can be equipped with opening systems without handles. Sensomatik opens electrically when the drawer runners or the drawers are pressed. Tip-on opens mechanically when the revolving doors are pressed. This can be extremely helpful, for example, for sink base units with a waste system, but is also highly popular as a design element, displaying an elegant front look.

Folding sliding doors

These doors, which are suitable for encasing the complete front elements and kitchen units, can be simply folded to the side on rails. The individual front elements can be manufactured variably up to a width of 450 mm.

zeyko Concepta

With this revolving door system the doors can be recessed into a side pocket when open. As a result electrical appliances integrated into the high cabinet unit can be used without the doors getting in the way and after use can be quickly concealed behind a homogenous front.

zeyko Concepta
zeyko Concepta

zeyko Volare

The sliding door cabinet can be planned flexibly in height and width down to the last millimetre exactly and is available in almost all material surfaces. Its filigree doors are characterised by their extremely light and quiet sliding motion.

Sliding door Volare
Sliding door Volare

Fronts at floor depth

The fronts can be lowered to the floor without a visible plinth, thanks to a carcase elevation and door extension on the base units, including 10mm high and adjustable plinth legs. This creates architec­turally clear lines in cabinet ­elements and cooking islands.

Modern design

zeyko Flybridge

The patented statics system is based on a wooden supporting construction that projects units to a suspension of up to 120 cm, with the result that they appear to be floating.

Forum Metal-X²
Forum Metal-X²

Counter elements

Elegant counter elements can be customised to the customer’s specifications – crafted in all 3-layer wood options or in veneer matching the front or lacquered in the desired colour.


Special productions

As a manufacturing company we are in the strong position to address individual customer requirements and implement even the most unusual concepts. For example almost all our cabinets can be altered in height, width and depth, functions can be adapted or completely unique elements can be created. Whether bar counters, shelf elements or framing construc­tions – we carry out your special productions to the highest precision in line with your specific wishes. We can also fulfil all your lacquer colour ideas in RAL or NCS, in addition to our standard colours. Technical refinements are always a welcome challenge for us. These special requests are not as expensive as many would believe, let your kitchen expert advise you.

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