Kitchen details

Horizon Forum Eucalyptus veneered + Accento Vitrin scatalo

Warm wood meets cool glass. The har­mo­ni­ous, con­tinu­ous horizontal eu­calyp­tus veneer in a dark velvety smoky shade forms a pleasant contrast to the sober-cool satin-matt glass surface in the grey shade “scatalo” of the fronts and glass worktop.

The special feature of this com­posi­tion is the corner unit over the worktop – the zeyko Cargo. As break­fast cubicle with coffee machine station, small equip­ment unit with elec­trical con­nec­tions or drinks unit.

A practical addition: Cargo uses every corner perfectly. zeyko Cargo is a sliding system, which facili­tates comfort­able and ergonomic access to stored items and equip­ment, even in the corner of an extended worktop.

The beauty of it: Cargo harmoniously integrates into the front image and continues the line. In place of the con­spicu­ous shutter design or shelf elements found in other units, Cargo quite simply continues the style, colour and material of the sur­rounding front ele­ments. The corner unit system “zeyko Cargo” was awarded the “Interior Inno­vation Award 2015”.

Front range

Horizon Accento


Eucalyptus veneer,
satin glass – scatalo coloured lacquered

Special features

zeyko Ergolift,
zeyko Volare

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